Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Your Future is Our Passion

2019 has been a year of change and growth for both Ganim Financial and Larry Ganim! Change born from my designed destination for the business as well as myself. I have been hard at work for a few years now preparing Ganim Financial for the future. This future is not just my own. My team and I strive for continued prosperity so that promises made are promises kept for the multiple generations of clients that we are privileged to serve.

Our 2019 Annual Report will update you on the progress we have made in the past year as well as the new developments that will enable us to meet the growing needs of our clients and communities. We are pleased to share our report with you and wish you continued good health and prosperity in 2020.

“Vision without execution is hallucination.””
-Thomas Edison


A Look at What's Inside:

  • Letter from the Chairman – Lawrence J. Ganim
  • Employee Benefits – Valerie Koch, AIF, CIC, Vice President/COO
  • Retirement Timing – Kwok Eng, CFA, Senior Portfolio Analyst
  • Wealth Management – Chris Ganim, Director of Wealth Management
  • Retirement Plans – Robert A. Lockery, AIF, Director of Retirement Plans
  • Community Involvement – Giving Back to Our Community

Getting Started

All of our relationships start with a meeting in which we get to know one another. There is no cost or obligation with many clients having plans in place and looking for a free second opinion. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us at 203.335.0851 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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