An Update On Market Volatility

Mar 22, 2020

An update from Lawrence Ganim, President & CEO of Ganim Financial

The market volatility continues and will likely continue in the near future. We have been through this in the past and when you are in the middle of volatility it can be very unnerving. I continue to believe it is important to keep our eyes on the long term objectives and not allow short term volatility to impact our long term focus by “reacting” to it vs. responding. I see the difference between those two approaches being run and hide vs. putting the volatility in perspective and staying focused on long term outcomes.

All of our portfolios were refreshed and rebalanced before the recent volatility taking advantage of the equity gains of the past several years and rebalancing to the appropriate and agreed upon risk profile for each of us.

Please click on the following link on handling market volatility from the Capital Group the manager of the American Funds:

What we are experiencing, in my opinion will prove to be temporary as all previous market declines have and provide additional long term opportunity.

I would encourage that you not listen too intently to the talking heads on TV or online and remember, the only way they get paid is by creating the sense that you and I must watch them and their analysis of the world which is usually blown way out of proportion to reality. That way they can increase viewership and advertising revenues.

We are always here if you have any questions or concerns or just want to discuss your portfolio and/or plan.

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