Ganim Financial Provides 10 Years of Scholarships to Park City Prep Students

Sep 17, 2018

Ganim Financial continued its community impact efforts, as it granted a scholarship to Park City Prep student Christine Blanc to attend Notre Dame High School in Fairfield, CT this coming fall. The annual scholarship is open to all eighth-graders at Park City Prep, with the beneficiary receiving $5,000 to attend the high school of his or her choice.

“We are proud to empower students and the next generation through education. High school is a critical time for young people, when they develop important skills that will directly inform their futures, and being able to support that journey in any way is invaluable,” said Larry Ganim, owner and founder of Ganim Financial.  “We were so impressed by Christine’s accomplishments and are thrilled to offer this scholarship to her so she can further fulfill her tremendous potential.”

Ganim Financial began awarding its annual scholarship 10 years ago to invest in the community and families living in it. For its owner and founder, the desire to support people is more than his profession; it is a core value, knowing businesses have a responsibility to do good whenever possible.

“We’re considered a small business, but we know service to the local community is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and it’s essential to make a big impact,” said Ganim. “Days like this, when you can make a positive difference in the life of a young person, that is truly special for us. This is our tenth year offering this scholarship, and this kind of giving just doesn’t get old.”

In addition to this scholarship, Ganim Financial hosts a Ganim Ultimate Gift Fund which provides assistance to LifeBridge Community Services, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to link comprehensive programs to strengthen personal capability, develop skills, and economic self-sufficiency. The firm also sponsors local events that promote total wellness, like the Walk-to-Wellness Challenge in Bridgeport.

Park City Prep is a public charter school offering a comprehensive academic program focused on science, technology, and math. The school highlights developing an interest in science and technology for students, to prepare them for competitive, selective high schools. Each year, most graduates gain entry to one or more targeted private or public choice high schools.

After having excelled in honors level classes, Christine Blanc graduated from Park City Prep and is looking forward to her time at Notre Dame High School, where she will be part of the class of 2022.

“Scholarships like this have an extraordinary impact on a student’s life,” said Bruce Ravage, executive director and founder of Park City Prep. “We so appreciate Larry’s continuing  generosity to our students and his investment in their futures.”

This scholarship is offered annually by Ganim Financial as part of their broader efforts to support their local community. For more information on Ganim Financial’s programs and work, visit

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