Retirement Solutions

At the end of the day, Fiduciaries will be judged on how successful they were in empowering their employees to retire in a meaningful manner.

Day in and day out, we provide hands on solutions and support to actively manage your plan and engage your employees with their retirement planning. Our Fiduciary due diligence process helps ensure you are meeting all of your fiduciary obligations.

Retirement Solutions Process

With best practices consistently applied and documented, fiduciaries are protected, plan goals are met and plan assets grow.

Plan Review With Goal Setting and Tracking

We provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your retirement plan design and your plan demographics. We identify how many of your employees are on track to retire successfully. With you, we set goals to and implement strategies to achieve these goals. Progress is measured annually.

Fiduciary Fitness

Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process. We conduct an initial fiduciary audit, and work with you to correct any deficiencies. We formalize ALL fiduciary function and review them with you on a regular basis.

Fiduciary Investment

Choosing and monitoring the appropriate investments offered in your plan is a serious fiduciary task as it can impact the participant’s retirement experience. Our independent proprietary Scorecard System provides a proven process to monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies.

Vendor Analysis

To help ensure your plan is competitive with the market a comprehensive vendor analysis is recommended every 3 to 5 years. Our report includes over 350 data points balancing services, fees and investment options.

Employee Education

Empowering employees to retire ready through continuous education, goal setting and monitoring, and one-on-one counseling should be the policy for every retirement plan. Our education program helps promote employee engagement, provides one-on- one counseling and focuses on retirement outcomes.

Get Started

All of our relationships start with a meeting in which we get to know one another. There is no cost or obligation with many clients having plan in place and looking for a free second opinion. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us at 203.335.0851 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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