Our Approach

There is an undeniable connection between the long term health and financial security of your employees, and the long term health and financial success of your company.

A well-thought-out employee benefits program strives to meet the needs of individuals and the organization alike. It’s a simple concept but one that is complicated by workplace realities: a diverse workforce with diverse needs; increased competition for the most talented employees; ever-present cost considerations; and a thicket of changing regulations, products and services.

Ganim Financial can help. Our specialists will tailor an attractive, comprehensive benefits package designed to protect the overall financial health of your organization. Our three-phase approach has helped organizations of all types–from small businesses to large corporations to non-profits.

Information Gathering and Planning

You have business objectives you need to meet — specifically around cost containment and employee recruitment and retention.

Our experts work with you to understand your core values, business priorities, and employee needs.

Benefits are not a commodity; they should be unique to your organizations philosophy and culture.

Product and Service Evaluation

Health, ancillary, and voluntary benefits plans are evaluated, funding alternatives considered, and carriers consulted. This culminates in a summary of recommended plan enhancements, costs, and benefits.

Through our partnership with NFP Benefits, we are able to offer proprietary products and coverage features that will enhance your overall benefits package as well as help retain and attract employees.

Our robust decision support tools and consultative services provide you with the most relevant information necessary to choose the benefit solutions that most meet your objectives.

Implementation and Ongoing Support Services

As your broker/consultant we negotiate the best possible arrangements with applicable providers. We install your programs and assist you in effectively communicating the benefits and services to your employees.

For employees:

  • On site enrollment meetings
  • Online benefit communication portal
  • Employee Helpline Cards
  • Health Advocate Services
  • Targeted Employee Communications
  • Customized Employee Benefit Statements
  • Online Enrollment*
  • Health & Wellness Programs

For managers:

  • New Hire Packets
  • Benefit Administration
  • Cobra Administration
  • Health Care Reform (ACA) Analysis Tools and Compliance Guidance
  • Compliance Guides, Templates and Sample Documents
  • Annual Summary Plan Description Wrap Document
  • On-going Articles, Workshops and Seminars
  • Annual Cost and Benefit Analysis

Getting Started

All of our relationships start with a meeting in which we get to know one another. There is no cost or obligation with many clients having plan in place and looking for a free second opinion. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us at 203.335.0851 and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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